What to look for when trying to find the right co-packaging company.

Let’s start with simple things like; capabilities and location. Make sure the packaging company that you are considering can deliver on time and that shipping is easy and convenient to manage. Partnerships like this should be established on trust, excellent communication, and outstanding customer service. Don’t be afraid to check their history and reputation, maybe even ask within your network. If you don’t have anyone to ask or simply don’t want to, companies with solid reputations usually have reviews posted on multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn and on Google, or simply ask for referrals before starting to work with the co-packaging company. 

If you are seeking a reliable turn-key partner, companies like DMS Packaging could be a perfect fit. Think about the voids that can be filled, for example: help with design, production capacity, or warehouse solutions.

If you are not sure if working with a co-packaging or contract packaging company is the right solution for you think about a few other benefits that companies like DMS Packaging can offer: 

  • Possibility of cost reduction. 
  • Increase in capacity. 
  • Faster turnaround time.
  • More time for you to work on other projects.
  • Flexibility and help with new innovative products.

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