If you are looking for kitting services experts, DMS Packaging is your solution!

Companies use kitting services to package multiple products into kits or bundles to distribute to their customers. Properly executed kitting has several benefits, such as the possibility of cost reduction, excellent shipping speed, additional warehouse space, and inventory turnover. 

 Whether selling to retail stores, marketing companies, resellers, distributors, or other 3PL companies, we can help you with your kitting needs for faster shipping, excellent quality, and fewer errors. In addition, at DMS, we provide partners we are working with detailed measurements of operational efficiency in a timely.

In addition, by working with a co-packing company like ours, you can focus on your business, customers, new projects, or whatever urgent needs you need to take care of to ensure your company operates smoothly. Before making a decision, ask all the essential questions to be sure kitting is the best solution for you and your customers. 


At DMS Packaging, we know that partnerships with third-party companies should be established on trust, excellent communication, and outstanding customer service. DMS Packaging can handle simple or complex projects, regardless of job size. We assure you to set up a program to get the job done right every time.  You can rely on us to evaluate your needs and help you determine a total solution that fits your budget.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to get the right kitting services to bundle multiple products and ship them to your customers. This way, you can save money on labor, especially if you handle seasonal projects.  


Many 3PL companies offer kitting services, which involve packaging items that arrive separately into kits or bundles. DMS Packaging offers a consultative, personalized sales approach to the entire process. Let us provide an easy-to-understand, personalized, and reliable solution for your business’s kitting needs. 

 We understand and value our customers. We love working with small companies, product start-ups, and marketing giants, and partnerships with third-party companies should be virtually unseen and established on trust and customer service. Every team member is motivated to understand project details and goals; every day, we work together to improve, innovate and deliver the best available packaging solutions.


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