Choosing The Right Co-packaging Company.

Choosing the right product packaging and partnering with the right co-packing company is crucial for your success.

Experienced Contract packaging and co-packaging companies like DMS Packaging can help you make decisions that will help your business be more efficient. When considering if a company is a good fit for your business, try to make the most out of your investment. Think about: security, damage prevention, visuals, branding, and other functions that are important to make your product stand out and differentiate you from your competitors. 

A few other important aspects are; demand requirements, certifications, finances, and lead times. 

At DMS we believe that every customer and every product deserves individual attention and that we can help you decide what type of packaging is best for your needs; cartons, blister packs, shrink wrapping, bags, or boxes. Items mentioned above can be customized to suit your requirements and unique needs. 

At DMS Packaging we help with maximizing the efficiency of the process by helping you decide what type of packaging is best for you. We will go over timelines, designs, size of the product, cost, and other needed specifications. Having this open line of communication will also make it easier to implement any changes, address potential problems, and avoid the typical issues that arise from misunderstandings and a general lack of communication.

Working with a co-packaging company is often a long-term investment. Make sure that the company can grow with you and can help you with new projects. Think about location. How easy it is to distribute and coordinate shipment of your products. DMS is conveniently located Northwest of Chicago in suburban Elk Grove Village. This location offers excellent, easy access to several major expressways. 

We specialize in many different product types, and we will take the entire process from start to finish. Let us know if you would like to know more and talk to a packaging specialist. Send us an email at or give us a call at 847-907-3700. 

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