Blister Packaging

If you are looking for a turn-key blister sealing program, DMS Packaging Services is your solution!

The blister packaging is ideal for small products intended for display on hooks. The typical application for the blister-sealed package is a non-symmetrical product on a hanging or upright display. A standard blister pack is known as a face seal blister. Other blister packs are full-face blisters or a clamshell (where two sides create a closed container and do not have cardboard or paperback).

There are many advantages to this packaging method, which is popular with electronic accessories, toys, pharmaceuticals, dental, tools, office supplies, cosmetics, and many more. 

With blister packaging, there’s a fantastic branding opportunity. This form of packaging allows the item to be visible to customers. In addition, the card provides substantial space to display product features, details, promotions, and instructions. Other benefits include safety and security. 

Creating the Blister

The “blister” is a plastic covering that has been pre-formed to the approximate dimensions of the product. However, many customers require a  custom blister package explicitly designed to fit their product.

The Blister Card

The “blister card” is the backing, coated with an adhesive on the front surface. Finally, the backer card lets you be creative with your brand messaging. 



The product is placed into the blister, and the blister card is fixed on top of the blister packaging creating a combination of plastic and paperboard. First, heat-sealing the plastic to the paperboard blister card is necessary. Next, the plastic blister and blister card are joined and sealed by introducing heat and pressure to the flange area of the blister in a sealing machine.

At DMS, we would be happy to answer all your questions about this specific form of packaging. In addition, we will assist you in designing and producing your cards and blisters to fit the sealing application you desire.

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