All-Paper Blister As Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution.

Earth Day is coming again, and it is a great day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and to talk about All-Paper Blister as eco-friendly packaging solution.

When thinking about Earth Day, it’s almost impossible not to think about plastic. Plastic waste is everywhere. For example, about 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean yearly. Microplastics have been found in our blood; now, we know they can cross the placental barrier. They can be ingested by animals, including fish and shellfish, and accumulate in their tissues. This can negatively impact the health of these animals and make them more likely to be eaten by other animals, including humans. 

Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions - Earth Day

Nonetheless, plastics have brought down the costs of many products and saved lives. We use it for many reasons like; durability, lightweight, versatility, and, again, low price. It is mainly used in packaging, followed by construction and automotive. Plastic is also used in various other products, including furniture, electronics, and toys.

Global plastic production has increased exponentially since the 1950s. In 2020, the world made an estimated 368 million metric tons of plastic, more than 100 times the amount produced in 1950. Most plastic is produced in Asia, with China being the world’s largest producer. However, North America and Europe are also significant producers of plastic.

One of the issues we face is that most plastic recycled today relies on thermal and mechanical techniques. Which is basically melting it down and reforming it. This works well in some cases but can lead to a lower-quality product than you started with. For example, plastics that go to a recycling facility today are separated before processing because your water bottle needs a different treatment from your milk bottle. 

Most plastic water bottles collected for recycling are made into something other than new ones. Instead, the small fraction that does get recycled is typically used to make other products, like carpets. 

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, more than 80% of companies plan to convert to eco-friendly packaging in the next five years. This is a significant increase from the 60% of companies planning to switch in 2018. Eco-friendly packaging is a win-win for both companies and consumers. Companies can save money and improve their reputation by using sustainable packaging. And consumers can feel good about buying products that are packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

There are several reasons why companies are converting to eco-friendly packaging. First, consumers increasingly demand sustainable products, and governments are implementing stricter regulations on packaging waste. Finally, companies realize that they can save money in the long run. If you are considering converting to more ecologically friendly solutions, congratulations! At DMS Packaging, we understand it can be challenging to implement change. So if you have questions and want to know more about possible solutions, call us or email 

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics

A paper blister pack is one of the newer solutions to increased interest in eco-friendly packaging. A paper blister pack is a type of packaging that uses paper as the primary material. It is made by forming a paperboard blank into a blister shape and then sealing it around the product. Paper blister packs are often used for small, lightweight products like toothbrushes, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. All-Paper Blister is an innovative packaging solution made entirely of paper. It helps brands advance their sustainability efforts and streamline the packaging process.

Paper blister packs have some disadvantages. For example, they are less durable than plastic blister packs. As a result, they may only be suitable for products subject to a limited amount of handling. In addition, paper blister packs may be less effective at protecting products from moisture and other environmental factors. On the other hand, paper blister packs offer many advantages over traditional plastic blister packs. They are made from renewable resources, and they are recyclable. They are also lighter than plastic blister packs, which can reduce shipping costs. In addition, printing on both sides provides more space for branding and promotional messaging. With increased customer awareness, placing your product in new eco-friendly packaging may be favorable. 

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