Blister Seal Packaging

If you are looking for a turn-key blister sealing program, DMS Packaging Services is your solution! We will assist you in the design and production of your cards and blisters to fit the sealing application you desire.

The blister packaging process is ideal for small products intended for display on hooks in the retail environment.

The typical application for the blister sealed package is a non-symmetrical product that will be on  a hanging or upright display.

There are two required components for blister packaging: the “blister” and the “blister card”.  The “blister” is a plastic covering that has been pre-formed to the approximate dimensions of the product.  The “blister card” is coated with an adhesive on the front surface.  The product is placed into the blister, and the blister card is placed on top.  The plastic blister and blister card are joined and sealed by introducing heat and pressure to the flange area of the blister in a sealing machine.